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“Experience is the teacher of all things.” 

                                             Julius Caesar


Today, I am confident as to where my hard work has led me. Thanks to the 22 years of hands on labor, a college degree and years of university, I am now a quick decision maker and problem solver. I take my work on with patience and perfection, in order to give my clients the quality that is expected.

I founded Belair Nova Constructions in 1989 with over 20 years of experience as a plumbing contractor. Initially taking on smaller renovation projects, from the ground up, I mentored my team into the professionals they are today.

‘’I am proud of the work of our team, with whom we have acquired many professional certifications over the past 25 years.’’

At Belair Nova, we like to consider ourselves a family of dynamic professionals with different backgrounds where each of us cooperates as a team to evolve together. Belair Nova Inc. has been providing service in the residential, commercial and institutional construction industry. We also collaborate with a large network of reliable sub-trades and suppliers with whom we build strong partnerships over the years.  We ensure our projects are executed with diligence, quality and attention with respecting the budget and timeline.


Our personalized service is reliable and efficient.

Domenico Di Girolamo
Anthony Di Girolamo
Projects Director

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